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Minesweeper X

Minesweeper X is the easiest offical version to use.

- Perfect clone of Minesweeper from Microsoft Windows
- Timer starts at 0 and is recorded to 100ths of a second
- Highscores automatically saved on video
- Statistics can be saved and exported into a spreadsheet
- Custom boards have no size limit and allow 99% density
- You can create your own game skins! (12 skins included)
- Counter shows 3bv, 3bv/s, time, est time, click counts for all buttons
- Program is small (60kb) and does not need to be installed
- Boards can be saved as Bitmaps or in Minesweeper Reader formats (mbf & mrb)
- Optional Shut-Down timer to stop you from playing too much!


Editor Comments

MSX was the first version of minesweeper to have videos and recording options. Videos are allowed on the World Ranking. No installation is needed, the program is only 60kb and runs fast on any Windows system. A popular feature is creating your own skins. Since MSX is streamlined there are only time highscores and its history file is basic.

Author Curtis Bright
Company Brightsoft
Version 1.15  (2011.11.24)
Category Official Clone
License Free
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